Quick Statistics on Web Developers

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Here are some quick statistics on web developers and digital designers according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • In 2021, the median salary for a web developer was $78,300 per year. That equates to approximately $37.65 per hour of work done on average in that year.

  • A bachelor’s degree is the most common level of education for web developers.

  • In 2021, 197,100 individuals were listed as having the job title of web developer as their occupation.

  • Web developers are expected to see their jobs in the workforce rising 23% by 2031.

  • In the past, across all occupations, the average rate of growth was just 5%.

Web development is a fast-growing industry full of opportunity. Web development is one of the most in demand careers out there, so it’s well worth checking out whether you want to freelance or apply for a job. With so many options available, your salary potential and career options are endless. Gateway to Code has career opportunities regardless of education level.


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