Student Resources

The idea of online courses is becoming more and more popular among students. There are many benefits to taking online courses, but one of the main reasons why students are drawn to them is that they can ask questions. This makes it possible for them to learn at their own pace and not be left in the dark about any topics they don’t understand.

That is why Gateway to Code provides an easy to use “Questions & Answers” area inside of each course where students can collaborate with one another and receive answers from their instructors. Allowing students to collaborate helps improve learning efficiency.

Collaborative learning allows students to work together on each course lesson, while also reviewing and reinforcing each other’s understanding. This can help improve the efficiency of learning by improving the amount of comprehension acquired from each lesson.

Online courses have made it possible for students to learn at their own pace by being able to ask questions when they need help or clarification on a topic. The ability to get assistance right away has made this method of education one of the most popular ones these days.

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