What Is Gateway to Code?

person using MacBook pro

Gateway to Code is a web-based platform that teaches people how to build their own websites. Created by industry professionals, the platform offers courses that teach beginner through advanced skills in web design, coding and more. There are many ways to learn a skill, but the best way is to learn directly from professionals with hands on experience.

The internet has made it easier than ever before to find people who can teach you how to do things. Whether you want to learn how to cook, how to knit, or even how to fix your car, there are thousands of tutorials online that will teach you step by step.

However, it is important that these tutorials come from an expert in the field who has hands on experience and knows what they are talking about. We have created these courses to help you develop the skills and knowledge required to be a successful web designer. We built our core curriculum in collaboration with instructors with over a decade of business experience in the web development industry.

Our instructors have worked with digital marketing agencies from around the world. Working with businesses of all sizes to help them create beautiful, user-friendly websites that are optimized to generate leads and sales. Each instructor has hands on experience helping clients in many different industries, from restaurants to retail stores to law firms. Working on projects both large and small with the mission of helping to create for every business a website that reflects its personality, values, and goals.

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